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Continuing professional development and thrive

Thrive and CPD (continuing professional development). 

This is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

CPD is ongoing work-related learning, which enables staff to keep their technical skills, business skills, and industry knowledge up to date. The process is driven by the employee rather than the employer and involves:

  • Assessing learning needs
  • Carrying out a range of CPD activities
  • Reflecting on and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience gained

Anyone who is a member of a professional body is likely to have CPD requirements laid out for them by the body, rather than by their employer.

Anyone who works within a sector that is formally regulated (e.g. by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or Financial Conduct Authority), is likely to be required to track and progress their CPD in order to maintain their license to practice or professional qualifications.

This is our understanding of some examples of CPD activities you can undertake with Thrive and examples of the types of evidence you could keep (for example in your portfolio).

CPD activity; Group meetings outside of everyday practice (e.g. to discuss a specific event or new way of working) 

Suggested evidence to retain; Evidence of participation and role including signed letters, notes, observations and outcomes. 

You will need to provide your CPD record showing: 

  1. your learning and development needs 
  2. the activities you have undertaken 
  3. whether the activity was structured or unstructured 
  4. the time you have recorded against each activity 
  5. a reflection of the outcomes achieved against each activity.

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