Build a trusted business community

Building relationships is the most important aspect of building a business

Any relationship in life is important, relationships are just as important in business as in your personal life.  By nature we are naturally social creatures, we want friendships and good constructive interactions, just as we want food and water. So it makes sense that the better our working relationships are, the happier and more productive we’re going to be.  

At Thrive we feel that you need to regularly meet and communicate with your trusted community, these are the like-minded people who can give you the push you need to meet and surpass your business goals, it’s with these positive relationships we can focus on opportunities.  Positivity is attractive and contagious, and it helps strengthens our relationships, who wants to be around someone negative?

Trust – within the Thrive Community it’s vital to know, like and trust but also understand the people you are meeting with, this makes it much easier to approach them, no matter the issue or reason.  If you trust these people you can be open and honest in your thoughts and actions.

Mutual Respect – This has to work both ways when you respect the people who you work with, you value their input and ideas, and they value yours.  Honesty is the best policy when building any relationship.

Creating strong business connections can be easier said than done if you don’t cultivate and nurture the relationship. At Thrive we have our 5 steps approach to building relationships.  True connections must be built, and these connections are created through shared experiences. 

5 levels to Thrive trusted relationships
5 levels to the Thrive trusted community

Relationship building from a business position can help you in many many ways;

  • Sharing information what’s new in the marketplace or what’s happening in your local area
  • Sharing of information and advice
  • Sharing leads
  • Investing and instigating new breaks
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Uncovering new opportunities
  • Finding potential new collaborative partners, coworkers, and employees to grow your business
  • Relationships create new relationships and business relationships can turn into good friendships
  • Manage your reputation
  • Avoids isolation
  • Stimulates your mind
  • Add value to your offer
  • Helps you retain current customers
  • Feel like you are part of something genuine
  • Grow your brand – be seen
  • Receive coaching and mentoring
  • Build your own trusted community 

Be willing to reciprocate. Remember that there’s give and a take in all relationships. If you aren’t willing to be there for someone who has been (or even who would be) there for you, that person will be less likely to help you out if you need it.

It’s not all about the benefits. Don’t get so focused on the end goal that you forget that it’s possible you won’t benefit from the relationship.

Finally, be genuine, treat others as you’d want to be treated, and welcome conversations, feedback and new ideas. You’ll make new friends and maybe even get new customers in the process!

We believe at Thrive that building relationships is the most important aspect of building a business.

Lorna Burroughes – together we mean business

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