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Thrive Connect Summary – Thursday 11th June 2020

We continued to look at discussing and concluding some answers to some big questions. So here is what we felt the current consensus is:

When or if there will be a vaccine?

There was more focus on the immediate outcomes from the release of lockdown. There were a lot of comments on the public’s confidence in going out and spending. This was decided as the most significant point we need to track together as we go forward.

The general consensus on vaccines and treatments had not altered with the body assuming they are someway off.

What type of recession will it be?

There was still a consensus on the extended TICK type recession. There was a forming consensus that there could be a very much two-tier type recovery based on certain sectors. So some will flourish and others will suffer or even fail!

It was put forward by a number that it seems the Government’s pending policy of how they will continue to intervene in the economy is another critical point we need to track together.  This is likely to now become clearer over the next 2 months.

Being ahead with this type of information as a group will give us a significant advantage.

What’s the next big thing (s)?

We now have a fruity list of 8. A new addition being a rise in ‘staycations’, something that interested a number of us given we are all currently reviewing our IDEAL customer/client target for post Covid planning.

We want to continue looking at these together and over the next few weeks, honing them a bit more.

How are we planning to Thrive in the future?

Lorna led us this week giving us a useful insight into how she was currently planning for trading Post COVID.  She was investigating technological options to continue and improve virtual meetings and how to build relationships. Also listening carefully to her existing members and the wider market to understand what they want and need.

This sparked everybody else to share their insights, which was very useful to us all. So we know continuing it yet gain will be very valuable.

What will be the sustainable behavioural changes post COVID?

We actually left this to do via a survey, but that failed to happen. So we will revisit it again this week

We have picked 6 key behaviours we can track together each week. Something that yet again is very valuable to our planning for trading effectively post COVID.

  • More acceptance of Virtual Working
  • More acceptance of Virtual meeting
  • Less travelling both locally and abroad
  • Less consumer spending
  • More online shopping
  • Continued kindness and coming together as a society


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