Top tips to networking online

Since March of 2020 Thrive networking has moved online and for some, that’s great news, others just don’t like it. Video is the next best thing for us being there in the networking room because it allowed us to deliver a complete communication and support channel.  We think that you need to work extra hard to make sure you’re interacting in a way that allows you to build genuine, meaningful relationships.

People still want to work with those they know, like and trust, so when building professional relationships with people online, consider these three qualities: transparency, likability and credibility. Transparency lets people get to know you, while likability reflects their interest in you and credibility builds trust.

Our Thrive ‘Top Tips’ to networking online

  1. Make time to stay connected. 
  2. Acknowledge that nothing is “business as usual” we all live in a different world to pre-COVID times and this might mean changing what you were doing before.
  3. Turn on the camera, if you don’t like looking at yourself on screen minimise the screen and look at the speaker.
  4. Be aware of body language and social clues, make sure your background and you project the business-like image you’d want others to see. 
  5. Find proactive and genuine ways to offer support
  6. Recognise the opportunities to make real-world connections with your online world.

At Thrive we like to take a bit of time to encourage personal connections by starting meetings with people talking about what’s been happening in their lives, both professionally and personally, it’s conversations like this that help build empathy, which then paves the way for trust.

Networking online gives us an opportunity to connect globally with others who share our interests and passions, and make the most of this time as you can greatly expand your network through online communities.


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