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Thrive tips for managing the challenges of COVID-19

This year has been tough for many small business owners – we’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions due to the level of new challenges we face, not only have we had to deal with the normal challenges of running a business, but we’ve also had to tackle the hardships that have come with COVID-19.

Research shows that it seems that many small business owners suffer from stress, but few take steps to manage it, and that increased stress can lead to reduced productivity.

Recently our speaker at Thrive Connect was Regina Savory, she explained the 5 stages of grief and loss being denial/anger/bargaining/depression/acceptance and how the pandemic has affected us all and how these stages are not linear or sequential.  Thank you for your practical wellbeing tips and your undoubted expertise.

  • Trust in the people around you.
  • Keep firm boundaries between your working life and your home life – working from home makes this particularly difficult because there is no physical space and time gap between the office and the home.
  • Being able to mentally unwind and stay physically sound is important.
  • Keep a fitness routine – for both physical and mental health – find ways to get some physical activity in and take up quiet, mindful activities like reading.
  • Most importantly, keep talking to people.

One of the things that we’ve found as an online business community that has been most appreciated during these months of COVID-19 is actually connecting people to each other so that we can share ideas and experience.

Lorna Burroughes



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