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It all starts with a conversation

Summer’s a great time to grow your network, you’re getting tons of auto-reply holiday messages and voicemail greetings that promise a return call when your contact is back in the office … after the holidays or no reply at all! (more…)


It’s not magic, make the time.

If at a networking meeting you just tell people what you do and hope that they will remember you when they need your services, Wrong!  So how are you going to make the most of your networking and what steps are you going to take to make your networking work for you? (more…)


Is there any truth in the ‘lucky approach’ when networking? 

Luck out by networking with the right mindset 

When you sign up to a networking activity, you want to ensure it’s an opportunity for you to meet great professional people and forge meaningful connections. But whether you make the most of this chance will depend on you – and how you approach the experience. According to research done by Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist studying the role of luck in our lives, you can make yourself ‘luckier’ by changing your behaviour. In the business arena these changes in mindset could pay dividends. Are you ready to adopt a ‘lucky attitude’?  (more…)


Use networking to combat loneliness

Self-employed business owners urged to use networking to combat loneliness

A worrying rise in the link between self-employment and mental health issues has led the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to urge isolated workers to try networking. (more…)

Thrive, together we mean business

Is networking in your budget? 

Have you factored networking into your budget?

Don’t you just love the New Year and the chance it gives you to plan for the next 12 months of business growth? For many of us, it’s the time when we think about the cash we’re going to allocate to different brand awareness activities such as marketing, events and PR. However, many businesses neglect to allocate budget for networking, and we think that’s a big mistake. At Thrive, we see every week the power of trusted connections made in our groups and how they help the businesses in our community grow.  (more…)