Thrive business networking collaborations and working together

Why business networking collaborations can really pay off

What is your strategy for business networking? Do you go into the room hoping to sell directly to someone, or are you there to make connections with other business people? (more…)

Many self-employed people have experienced loneliness at some point following their decision to become their own boss

Use networking to combat loneliness

Self-employed business owners urged to use networking to combat loneliness

A worrying rise in the link between self-employment and mental health issues has led the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to urge isolated workers to try networking. (more…)

Summer’s a great time to grow your network, and the ideal time to build up your contacts.

It all starts with a conversation

Summer’s a great time to grow your network, you’re getting tons of auto-reply holiday messages and voicemail greetings that promise a return call when your contact is back in the office … after the holidays or no reply at all! (more…)