Evolve together

We offer two membership packages to suit individuals and corporate customers. We aim to offer a great range of services to Thrive members at a competitive price. Thrive networking is designed to add value to your business, to connect you with the right people and give you help and advice on how to grow as part of our community.


£61 per month + VAT

Join the Thrive networking community and grow your business through trusted connections. Our membership offer is tailored to support entrepreneurs and businesses in meetings, in the Thrive network and beyond. Our friendly groups are the right place to make the connections that work for you.


Benefits include:


– Get in a group

You’ll join one of our quality Thrive groups, and get the chance to meet up twice a month. There are plenty of options for days and times so that you can fit Thrive into your schedule easily.


– Make your request

In each meeting, we give our members the opportunity to get specific about the people and businesses they want to be introduced to. Twice a month you get to identify your target customers and ask for the group’s help to get you in front of them.


– Step into the spotlight

As a group member, you’ll have the chance to deliver a spotlight talk in your group. This is the opportunity to showcase what you do and give an insight into your business. Engaging the community in this way helps them easily recommend your services to their network.


– Plan to succeed

Thrive offers a bespoke networking plan to each member. You’ll share your marketing goals with us, and we’ll find the right places for you to make the contacts that will drive growth. Together we can put you in the right places to meet the right people.


– Get Thrive Connected

Every month you’ll be invited to our two monthly Thrive Connect events. As well as getting to meet members of other groups, you can network with many guests from outside Thrive. It’s a fast, fun chance to do some serious networking.


– Keep Thriving online

Thrive has a dedicated private FB/Slack group where members can talk outside the meetings. If you are looking for information, advice or to ask the community to share something, the Thrive FB/Slack channel is the place to do it.


Access to all these great benefits costs just £61 per month plus VAT. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


£150 per month + VAT

Give multiple members of your team the chance to maximise their networking opportunities with our flexible corporate offer. It’s perfect for bigger businesses to nominate members of your company who can take advantage of the typical Thrive membership by sharing the group spot. Your company will also get a host of extra benefits, all designed to position you as professionals at the top of your game, and to amplify your marketing messages across our community and beyond.


Benefits include:


–    The chance to participate in and attend Thrive Talkin’ events.

We host a programme of Thrive mastermind workshops and speaker opportunities to position our members as the ‘go to’ people in their sector. Your business can showcase your skills and demonstrate what you can deliver for potential customers. Informative and inspirational, these occasions will get people talking about you for all the right reasons.


–    Get into the Thrive XSpot.

Each of our groups features a dedicated speaker giving valuable advice or insight into their field. Your business will get a number of XSpots to use over a 12 month period in our groups and at Thrive Connect meetings.  You will receive support XSpot marketing communication coaching, the perfect way to cultivate engagement in your business across the community.


–    A quarterly Thrive networking plan.

Our team will work with you to construct a bespoke plan for your networking activities. We’ll help you identify who you need to meet, and where to find them. Your plan is easy to refer to as it’ll be housed in the Thrive app, and managed by us.


–    A buddy scheme for new members of your staff.

We’ll help the latest additions to your company to learn how to network effectively and deliver your company message in a memorable way.


–    Get Social

Leading on from the XSpot, get a professionally written blog, a rich piece of content that we will share across our social channels. This piece is written by an experienced journalist who can capture both you and your business in an illuminating and informative feature.


–    Managed introductions via Slack or the Thrive App.

We’ll make it easy for you to connect with the right people by giving you a warm introduction.


–    Get Thrive Connected

Every month up to 4 members of your team will have the chance to network with people from the other Thrive groups, and beyond. These fast-paced monthly meetings are not to be missed.


Access to all these great benefits costs just £150 per month plus VAT. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.