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Welcome to Thrive, we have been focusing on supporting businesses since June 2014, in March 2020 Thrive became an on-line community and has been virtually assisting many SME’s, businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs during this challenging business environment as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  


 Thrive is about relationship building and the connecting of like-minded business people, building trust; helping to generate better business ideas and opportunities, supporting you make and develop strong business connections.  We are an enterprising network of business people who work together to grow our businesses. We think that relationship-building represents the cornerstone of any business, large or small, even in this digital age it remains one of the single most important skill in business.


Businesses have needed to quickly adapt their business models to this ‘new normal’ and position themselves for future success, consequently, together we are safely staying connected during the challenging times of Covid19 and are constantly looking at ways of seeking to improve resilience to recover and strengthen our business performances for ourselves and our businesses for future success, propelling longer-term productivity gains.



 We still continue to grow our relationships and our businesses, together we have been helping each other to navigate through the uncharted waters of the current business environment and are determined that together we will emerge stronger than ever.  At Thrive, we are committed to offering you and your business support during these unprecedented times, with technology, training and resources, Thrive will help you succeed.

We are a business community

Our community includes professionals from a wide range of sectors. Effective relationship building is not about acquiring new connections, it’s about strengthening your relationship with the key people who will help you drive your business forward.


Trusted relationships are important for everyone

In any industry and in any role, making connections is one thing, maintaining them is another. At Thrive we have our systematic solution for advancing business relationships. In business, as in life, it all comes down to the quality of your relationships and having the right people on your side.


How we do it

Creating winning relationships doesn’t happen all at once, knowing the right people with the right connections can be one of the best ways to create value for your business but it can also be the easiest way to get through these COVID-19 times; we've got the meetings and access to the Thrive community to deliver even more value.


What makes us different?

As part of a quality community of trusted professionals, you’ll have a team of people working with you to collaborate and grow together. Thrive is people and relationship-driven.


What to expect from the Thrive experience

Thrive meetings are known for being inclusive and insightful. The relaxed, friendly groups are a place where our members can develop meaningful business relationships and hear experts talk on a wide range of key topics. Together we share our connections, our ideas and our expertise, with the goal of empowering everyone in our network to grow.

Start making connections now

Time and again our members find ways to collaborate, bringing a powerful combination of skills to offer their clients. Whether you’re a solopreneur working at the start of your business journey, or a senior executive in an established corporation, Thrive has something to offer you.

Lorna Burroughes

Thrive – together we mean business

  • By Lorna Burroughes
  • 22 Sep, 2020
With further announcements today from the Government around businesses, networking and events – look no further than here, we are delighted to advise you that Thrive Connect has evolved again, we are all very much not just.
Lorna Burroughes

Top tips to networking online

  • By Lorna Burroughes
  • 16 Sep, 2020
Since March of 2020 Thrive networking has moved online and for some, that’s great news, others just don’t like it. Video is the next best thing for us being there in the networking room because it allowed.

Thrive Perfection

Thrive Perfection (or our Thrive Misson Statement). To help our members to ‘thrive’ as much as possible. Let them know that they are valued, listened to and important to us. Help them and thereby us, to grow, flourish and ‘thrive’.

Thrive Spark


Spark encourages you to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships so that the smallest spark can eventually become a roaring blaze. Spark builds trusted relationships that matter.

Thrive Evolve


If you want to build lasting business relationships, essential in every part of our lives, the Thrive Evolve interactive e:platform is relationship-driven is made for you. Who doesn’t’ want trusted business relationships that grow and evolve, prosper and thrive.