I founded Thrive because I love making connections for people. Over the years, I’ve attended a huge number of networking events and I’ve met so many wonderful professionals. For me, the most effective way of growing your business is to surround yourself by likeminded people of great integrity. At Thrive, we create an informal, relaxed atmosphere that cultivates business friendships, and helps our members generate new leads and trusted partners.


Lorna loves:

The great outdoors (I’m never happier than when I’m gardening, out in the countryside or having a seaside stroll), Matchplay must be the best golf game invented (Just call me the Matchplay Queen!)anything Christmassy (even cold Brussel Sprouts on Boxing Day) and my wonderful family (they are my world).


Lorna loathes:

Milk (I can’t believe people willingly eat rice pudding), queueing (don’t waste my time!) and over-zealous sales people (seriously, no!).


Secret superpower:

I can spot a great connection for you at forty paces. Just try me!

07760 792791


It gives me a real kick to help businesses to forge connections that count. My background in business development means that I’ve seen first-hand the trials and tribulations faced by entrepreneurs and corporates, and how to overcome those obstacles. I work to promote Thrive and our members across social media, as well as bringing in new members and developing new groups within the network. It’s a privilege to make a positive impact on behalf of our community.


Deborah loves:

Singing at the top of my voice in the car (I AM Madonna in my head!), morning walkies with my dog Colonel Biscuit (It’s a great time to focus your mind for the day) and being a working mum (doesn’t it feel great on those days you’ve got it all working in harmony?).


Deborah loathes:

Telephone cold callers (why do they always call when you’re sitting down to eat? It’s so annoying), and people who don’t use their indicators at junctions or roundabouts (I wouldn’t mind if my super power was telepathy, but it’s not!).


Secret superpower:

I’m a ninja at cutting through nonsense and getting to the heart of the problem. Hi-yah!

07979 677561


My work at Thrive is all about organisation. I work hard to let people know about the fantastic events in our calendar, when and where our groups are held, and keep everyone in the loop about all things Thrive. It’s been a great experience so far, and I’m inspired to keep doing what I can to help Thrive members make the most out of their membership. I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us all.


Ally loves:

My new car-themed man cave (a great excuse to trawl the internet for things to decorate it with), going riding on my trike with Active Trails (the day I rode past a pit of snakes was interesting), spreadsheets (I’ve been told I have a spreadsheet fetish).


Ally loathes:

Broccoli (the devil’s vegetable and sooo boring), never-ending roadworks (the bane of my life) and lager (it’s beer all the way for me).


Secret superpower:

I can turn any spreadsheet into a piece of art that Van Gogh himself would be impressed by.


I’m proud to be on the journey with Thrive, the brainchild of my wife Lorna. I’ve been working with small businesses for more than 30 years, coaching them to find new and innovative ways to grow. In the meetings, I’m keen to identify key connections for members, and help them using my business expertise. Behind the scenes, I work with Lorna to find new and exciting ways to evolve the Thrive offer.


John loves:

Spending time with amazing family (even when they nag me), fast cars and quick wit (I spent a lot of evenings watching comedy on catch up) and channelling my inner Jonah Lomu on the rugby pitch (a sight to behold!).


John loathes:

The soaps (which is tough when your wife LOVES Emmerdale), being bored (I’m a restless soul) and selfies (too much vanity to bear).


Secret superpower:

Stirring up a good debate and getting everyone engaged. Even though blood could be spilt.

0791 8685029


I’m the members’ relationship manager for Thrive, which means I’m your girl if you need an introduction to another professional or business. You don’t need to wait until your next Thrive meeting to be put in touch with a new connection, just call me up and I’ll be happy to get on the case straight away. I joined the Thrive team because I love networking and it’s been my mission to meet as many people in Norfolk business as possible. The benefit of that for you is that if you know the person you need to speak to, they’ll already be in my address book – or I’ll know someone who can make the introduction.


Kay loves

I’m never happier than when I’m spending time with my daughter Isabelle and my partner David (the best company ever), I enjoy adult colouring (don’t judge me, I’m Frida Kahlo in my head) and whizzing around on skates at Funky Monkey’s roller rink (yep, I’m a speed queen).


Kay loathes

I can’t stand it when others chomp on their food right next to me (give me my space, people), I can’t stand the noise of Formula One races (guess whose partner is a Grand Prix nut?), and when David empties half the dishwasher (seriously, finish the job!).


Kay’s superpower

I can introduce you to almost anyone in Norfolk – even the slightly mad, quirky ones!

07486 381044